If you are familiar with this area, than mine subsidence is probably not a new concept for you.  However, many homeowners in this area are still unaware of mine subsidence, the problems it causes, and what is out there.

Many times, the early sign of subsidence is small cracks in foundations or walls, brick exteriors and in garages.  Doors and windows can be difficult to keep open or closed.  Chimneys, steps or porches can begin to separate from the rest of the home.

Should you carry mine subsidence insurance within your home owner’s policy (strongly recommended in this area), these inconveniences can be taken care of during the settling period.  For many home owners, this will be the maximum amount of damage to their homes.  However, for several, it could cause much more damage.

The goal during the settling period, is to keep the home air tight and “liveable” until the subsidence is complete, and permanent repairs can be made.  Many times, it means touch up plaster, filling in cracks with mortar or caulk, and realigning doors and windows to function properly.

Should you like more information regarding Mine Subsidence in Illinois, we suggest visiting the Illinois Mine Subsidence Insurance Fund.